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27 Cheap, Unique Purses On Amazon That Will Be Total Conversation Pieces

27 Cheap, Unique Purses On Amazon That Will Be Total Conversation Pieces


Admittedly, I have a little bit of a shopping problem. After my mom died, I went through a phase (technically I’m still going through it) where I just didn’t want to deny myself anything. Life had been so hard, so what if I wanted to buy a new sweater (or 10?)

The more I shopped though, the more I craved unique items that no one else would have (or that would at least be conversation starters). I browsed Poshmark (a thrifting app) daily to find one-of-a-kind vintage (aka from the ‘80s and ‘90s lol) clothing like a Space Jam sweatshirt, a denim button-up shirt with embroidered Christmas presents on it, a lot of sweaters with whales on them, and a Martha’s Vineyard sweatshirt that always gets me high fives from preppy frat bros who think I have actually ever been there. (I just bought it because my name is Martha, what can I say?)

Anyway, the point of this article is PURSES, not my growing sweatshirt collection. A couple of weeks ago, a pineapple purse caught my eye on Amazon and it was so cute and inexpensive that I just had to have it. It’s truly adorable and I get so many compliments on it. That made me curious about the other unique purses on Amazon that I could get for cheap, and you guys seemed interested too! (This article topic was the winning one voted on by my Instagram and Twitter followers.)

As a disclaimer, if you buy any of the Amazon purses, I may earn a portion of the sales through the Amazon Affiliate program. But, TBH, I’ll probably just reinvest any money I make into buying some of these purses too, because they are seriously fun and they totally spark joy. (Shout out to Marie Kondo.)

I can only vouch for the quality of the pineapple one since I did purchase that one, but I tried to round up others with a fair amount of good reviews before suggesting them to all of you. Happy shopping!


I brought this purse on my Nashville trip, and I got so many compliments.


What says summer better than a watermelon?


Or maybe your fruit of choice is a lemon.


Make it Shark Week all year round with this purse.

~Pink Dinosaur~

This lil stegosaurus is so cute.

~Purple Triceratops~

Perhaps purple is more your color.

~Silver T-Rex~

Or try this metallic T-rex on for size.

~Takeout Box~

Just don’t put your leftovers in this container.

~Rubik’s Cube~

Bring back the ‘80s with this bag.

~Black Cat~

A purrrfect purse.

~Hot Air Balloon~

This whimsical bag is so fun.

~Strawberry Milk~

This cute bag can hold so much more than milk.

~Sparkly Unicorn~

Stay on trend with this glittery unicorn purse.

~Cassette Tape~

Give off some major hipster vibes with this cute cassette clutch.

~Trash Can~

This one speaks to my soul.

~Glitter For Days~

This clear purse has a waterfall of glitter inside, and it comes in a ton of different colors.


This is the cutest a cactus is ever gonna be.


For everyone whose fashion sense is out of this world.

~Polaroid Camera~

No, this isn’t the Instagram logo. It’s a fun way to pay tribute to the most fun camera of all time.

~Ice Cream Cone~

Wear your sweet tooth with pride.


Remember in, like, 2008 when cupcakes were everywhere? Help make them “in” again.

~Money Bag~

This is not a great anti-theft purse, since it’s advertising what you have inside. But, hey, it’s fun.


The chain-link legs kill me.

~Star Wars Manual~

Complete with a Millennium Falcon keychain.


Looks so real you could almost eat it.

~Coffee Cup~

Coffee = life, you know?


The best kind of crab to get.

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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