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Every Shark Thing I Own, In Honor Of Shark Week 2019

Every Shark Thing I Own, In Honor Of Shark Week 2019

I take Tracy Jordan’s request from 30 Rock very seriously – I do live every week like it’s Shark Week. But if you’re a more casual shark enthusiast, you can celebrate these ocean animals during the pre-approved week of the year — this one. That’s right, Shark Week 2019 begins on July 28. (Today! That’s today! Unless you’re reading this in my newsletter — in which case, I’m sorry, you missed the first day, but there’s still plenty of content coming.) If you want to know how to watch Shark Week for free or what the 2019 Shark Week schedule is, I’ve got y’all covered. I already wrote about those topics over on Bustle (linked above).

That’s not what this blog post is about. No, this one is simply what the title implies: Every shark-themed thing I currently own. (Or nearly everything, I probably forgot something. That’s how much I have. In fact, just now I realized I forgot I have a shark bowl, and now I have to stop and go take a picture of that too. It’s hard out here being a self-professed shark influencer, y’all.)

Anyway, enjoy Shark Week and enjoy seeing how much of a shark freak I am year round.

This Shark Pool Float


Featured here at my Martha-themed going away party when I left New York. I may not have had a pool at the time, but I wasn’t gonna let Bertie go to waste.

Buy it here.

This Shark Week Mug

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 12.06.09 PM.png

With convenient built-in cookie/snack holder. My cousins and aunt got me this for Christmas, because they just know me so well.

Buy it here.

This Book With High-Quality Shark Pictures


I got sent this when I worked at a media company, and it was probably one of my favorite press gifts ever. (That and my Psych, The Movie hat)

Buy the book here.

This Shark Snack Bowl


So the shark gets to eat and you do too.

Buy it here.

These Shark Phone Cases

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 12.13.02 PM.png

Neither of these are for sale anymore, and they don’t fit my current phone, but I loved them very much and wanted to honor them here.

This Shark Wine Cork


I got this as a gift from a friend and I still love it to this day. (This photo is from yesterday.) I don’t know where they got it, so I unfortunately can’t link it for you.

This Hammerhead Shark Bottle Opener


This was also a gift. My friends are the best.

Buy it here.

Turn Your Dog Into A Shark With This Costume


Pippa has never been cooler.

Buy it here.

This Shark Shirt From Old Navy


This was a men’s shirt, but not only men can like sharks! I bought it anyway, and I love it so much. It’s not in stock anymore, unfortunately.

These Shark Leggings


I wore these to my Shark Week party a couple of years ago, and then I forgot to buy something at the store and had to go outside in the leggings. I think people got a kick out of it. They’re not for sale anymore, but you can get a similar pair here.

For A Brief Moment, I Had These Shark Nails


They were nail stickers and I loved them. They don’t sell them anymore, unfortunately.

This Shark Popsocket


Bonus points for my whale phone case.

Buy the Popsocket here and the phone case here if you feel so inclined.

This Pillowcase And Shark Stuffed Animal


The stuffed animal’s name is Bruce and my little cousin gave it to me for my birthday. The pillowcase doesn’t have a name (any suggestions?) and I bought it for myself like two weeks ago because it was on sale and I can’t resist sharks, ok?

The stuffed animal isn’t for sale online (it’s from Walgreens) but you can buy the pillowcase here.

This Official Shark Week T-Shirt


The Discovery Channel sent me this shirt last year in a Shark Week press box which means I am a legit shark influencer, right?

You can’t buy this, you just have to be special like me. (I’m not that special, I wasn’t on their list this year. But I was for one glorious year and I will never forget it.)

Have a fintastic Shark Week, everyone!

Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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